Label Spotlight: Beggars Banquet Records

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Awakened by the DIY aesthetics of punk, in 1977 Beggars Banquet transitioned from a small chain of independent record shops in West London into a record label. Their first release was a 7” single by The Lurkers called ‘Shadow / Love Story’. In the early 80’s Beggars had hits with Gary Numan and Tubeway Army and have since released music by The Charlatans, The Cult, Luna, The National and St. Vincent.

In 2008, Beggar’s Banquet stopped signing new acts and transitions again, becoming what is now The Beggars Group, an umbrella group of iconic indie record labels. Currently Beggars Group is the largest, most influential independent group of labels in Europe with 4AD, Matador Records, Rough Trade Records, XL Recordings and Young Turks as their core labels.


Playlists.net Sells To Warner Music Group’s WEA

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Playlists.net, an online community where Spotify users share their playlists with others has been acquired by WEA subsidiary of Warner Music Group. The platform will continue operating independently after the deal whose financial details have not been disclosed, according to the press release.

Newcastle, England-based company was launched in 2009 as ShareMyPlaylists, and renamed as Playlists.net in 2013. It has claimed 1 million users, 150K playlists and 4.5 million listening sessions per month in the first half of  2014.

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Record Labels Win Ruling Over Sirius XM’s Use of Pre-1972 Songs

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The record industry will be securing compensation for pre-1972 recordings from services like SiriusXM and Pandora after a California State judge ruled in its favor.  The ruling was issued Tuesday by Judge Mary Strobel, a year after a group of independent and major record labels sued SiriusXM for using songs recorded before 1972 without paying the artists. Strobel said in August that she would side with Sirius XM but changed her this ruling on Tuesday.

And what of the Turtles (the band who initially filed the suit alleging the satellite radio giant was misappropriating their songs without authorization and compensation)?  Their suit seeks $100 million in damages.

For those who do not know, this suit stems from a bit of a disconnect between Federal and State copyright law.  Federal copyright law was not extended to sound recordings until 1972, but the record labels have asserted that such pre-1972 performances are covered by California common law and state statute. Read More

Vol 2 - Tread Lightly, Advances are Loans

Music Business Guide: Tread Lightly, Advances Are Loans

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We’ve all heard stories about start-up artists having independent hits, signing big deals and presumably living on easy street, right? Wrong. From time to time there will be an artist who signs a multi-million dollar deal,  however, to be clear, that money is what is called an advance and advances have to be paid back, just like loans.  Though these advances are not usually paid back in cash from the artist’s pocket, they are paid back from the royalties the artist’s music will continue to earn (hopefully) overtime.

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Label Spotlight: Sub Pop

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Most famously, Sub Pop is the label responsible for introducing the world to Grunge through Nirvana and popularizing both with enormous success.  During this period Sub Pop founders, Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman, turned a sleepy North Western Coastal city (Seattle) into a Mecca of head-banging youth culture. Read More

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PCMusic is Number 26 in Profit’s W100 Top Female Entrepreneurs List!

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We’re very proud to announce that our CEO, Gina Rizhanovsky, has once again lead PCMusic onto Profit’s W100 Top Female Entrepreneurs List for 2014.

For those who may not know, Profit’s W100 list is born out of the belief that it’s important to celebrate the achievements of the remarkable women running some of the country’s most successful enterprises. It’s no exaggeration to suggest that the health of Canada’s economy depends on women with the drive to grow ambitious, vibrant businesses; women who create good jobs, and develop innovative products and services and women who are committed to making significant contributions to their local and national economies.

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Music Business Guide: Starting Out, Deal Makers and What To Do

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This post is the first of many to come in a series that I hope will educated bands, managers, songwriters, producers, musicians and any other budding music professional about the large, and often confusing animal that is the music industry.  My belief is that by democratizing as much information as possible, the music business will thrive with a new wave of educated, independent-minded professionals. 

Let’s assume that you have exceptional talent. Awesome! As you may know, however, talent does not always lend itself to immediate success in the music biz.  There are the rare occasions but most of the “stars” you may aspire to became have achieved their heights through honing their craft, having a great plan, and assembling the right team to achieve their goals.  In a mercurial business like the music business, where tastes are constantly changing, having a clear idea of who you are as an artist or band and the right people around you is paramount to success.  Of course, nothing is ever guaranteed but the right mix of sound personalities makes all the difference in the pursuit of “making it” as an artist, producer, songwriter, musician or band.   Which brings me to my next point, what does “making it” look like to you? Read More

Come see us at the Global Gaming Expo 2014 – Booth 3614

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MUSICbox Show Special 

Sign up for a MUSICbox and get the 1st month of service free plus 50% off of MUSICbox hardware

MUSICbox is a music and messaging delivery system that allows you to augment the ambiance, appropriate for your brand, by using the media as an avenue to appeal to your patrons. It is no secret that people want to be tantalized through all their senses. One of the most important ways a service provider can appeal to their patrons is through their sense of sound. MUSICbox is undoubtedly the most versatile product on the market that will not only give you control over your business background music, but also flexibility in customizing the auditory ambiance, with a sound exclusive to your brand. Read More

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Label Spotlight: XL Recordings

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For Over 20 years London-based XL Recordings has been introducing audiences to new and interesting music.  The label was founded in 1989 to release techno, garage, drum & bass and other forms of rave music.  After taking control of the company in 1993, co-founder turned sole-owner Richard Russell has broadened the musical horizons of XL with the core mission of championing artists he regards as original and inventive.  This vision has allowed XL to curate a diverse and interesting roster of artists that range in genre and commercial success.  From the multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning, songstress ADELE to the underground, eclectic, bedroom producer Jai Paul, XL Recordings continues to develop the careers of music’s most unique creators.

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Q BBQ Appearing on The Food Network’s Eating America With Anthony Anderson

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We just received word that our client Q BBQ will be appearing in an upcoming episode of Eating America With Anthony Andersen called “Ribfest”, which airs this Monday August 25 at 9:30pm on The Food Network.  In this episode Anthony Anderson joins the rib enthusiasts who devour 50,000 pounds of pork on the streets of Chicago during the city’s annual Ribfest. He checks out the world-ranked competitors at the rib eating contest and challenges a fest-goer to balloon darts, before finding out the winner of the People’s Choice and critic’s Best Ribs titles.  Congratulations Q BBQ on this awesome news.

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PCMusic At The Warrior Dash

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PCMusic’s Special Ops Team recently participated in the Warrior Dash.  The Warrior Dash is the world’s largest obstacle race series, held on the most rugged terrain in more than 50 locations across the globe. Participants earn their Warrior helmet by tackling a fierce 3-4 mile course and 12 extreme obstacles. After conquering the Battleground, Warriors celebrate with turkey legs, beer steins, and live music at a post-race party in a league of its own.  Check out what our team had to say about the experience and see their pictures below.

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Enjoy the music at Hyde Sunset

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In its continued partnership with nightlife giants SBE, Prescriptive Music has developed the musical vibe for one of SBE’s latest installments: Hyde Sunset. Located on the iconic Sunset strip, Hyde Sunset represents an evolution in cuisine and nightlife as West Hollywood’s latest hospitality experience. Read More

PCMusic at NXNE 2014: A Retrospective.

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PCMusic recently attended Toronto’s very own NXNE (North by Northeast Festivals and Conferences), a Canadian festival destination for emerging artists and major-label headliners, filmmakers, hilarious comedians, visual artists, and innovators bridging the gap between technology and the arts. Showcasing Music, Film, Art, Comedy and Interactive Panels from industry professionals, NXNE is considered to be one of the most anticipated summer music festivals in Canada.

Along with playing on the Sunday night at 1:00am with my band, I was fortunate enough to attend a number of amazing panels held by some very smart, industry leading professionals.
Ultimately, the goal was to investigate new leads and developments in the always changing music-marketing industry, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our competition, and ultimately network and share knowledge with other professionals in the field. I’m going to outline some of the key panels I attended that may have some benefit to us as professional curators at PCMusic.

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Climbing The Billboard Charts With A 12 Digit Code: All You Need To Know About ISRCs

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Ever wonder how singles and albums end up on the Billboard charts? Aside from exceptional talent, having a great record to sell and a killer marketing plan, the ranks of the chart are all the work of ISRCs. International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) are 12-digit alphanumeric codes that function as an internationally recognized system to identify recorded music tracks and music videos.

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The Cardenas Superstore & Prescriptive Music team up to create new music vibe in all its locations

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The Cardenas Superstore has a stellar reputation for providing a large selection of new and used BMW’s and Mazda’s that boast style and quality. Their top notch team of professionals have earned the respect of McAllen, Brownsville, Houston, Edinburg, Harlingen and the rest of Texas by offering an impressive caliber of knowledge, service and reliability. Read More

Prescriptive Music has teamed with Oak Grill & Aqua Lounge at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach

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10255014_826361427393304_8667571126894750825_nPrescriptive Music has teamed with the Island Hotel to curate the soundtrack for the hottest new restaurant and nightlife spot in Newport Beach. Oak Grill and Aqua Lounge are brand new to the Newport scene, both located within the Island Hotel. Oak and Aqua, side by side have already established themselves as THE place to be in Newport this summer. Read More