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Label Spotlight: Asthmatic Kitty

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Asthmatic Kitty is an American independent record label founded in 1999 by Sufjan Stevens and his stepfather, Lowell Brams.  It was originally conceived as a platform for musical projects by a community of artists from Holland, Michigan, a small city on the shore of Lake Michigan. Some were Holland natives, and others had come to attend local colleges and universities. While the original Holland nucleus has now dispersed to various parts of the country, the fellowship is still growing, with new artists and shared projects with other independent labels.  In 2009 the label inaugurated the Library Catalog Music Series, showcasing instrumental music by a wide variety of musicians.  Asthmatic Kitty is now based in Lander, Wyoming, Indianapolis, Indiana and New York City.

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Record Labels Win Ruling Over Sirius XM’s Use of Pre-1972 Songs

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The record industry will be securing compensation for pre-1972 recordings from services like SiriusXM and Pandora after a California State judge ruled in its favor.  The ruling was issued Tuesday by Judge Mary Strobel, a year after a group of independent and major record labels sued SiriusXM for using songs recorded before 1972 without paying the artists. Strobel said in August that she would side with Sirius XM but changed her this ruling on Tuesday.

And what of the Turtles (the band who initially filed the suit alleging the satellite radio giant was misappropriating their songs without authorization and compensation)?  Their suit seeks $100 million in damages.

For those who do not know, this suit stems from a bit of a disconnect between Federal and State copyright law.  Federal copyright law was not extended to sound recordings until 1972, but the record labels have asserted that such pre-1972 performances are covered by California common law and state statute. Read More

Vol 2 - Tread Lightly, Advances are Loans

Music Business Guide: Tread Lightly, Advances Are Loans

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We’ve all heard stories about start-up artists having independent hits, signing big deals and presumably living on easy street, right? Wrong. From time to time there will be an artist who signs a multi-million dollar deal,  however, to be clear, that money is what is called an advance and advances have to be paid back, just like loans.  Though these advances are not usually paid back in cash from the artist’s pocket, they are paid back from the royalties the artist’s music will continue to earn (hopefully) overtime.

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PCMusic At The Warrior Dash

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PCMusic’s Special Ops Team recently participated in the Warrior Dash.  The Warrior Dash is the world’s largest obstacle race series, held on the most rugged terrain in more than 50 locations across the globe. Participants earn their Warrior helmet by tackling a fierce 3-4 mile course and 12 extreme obstacles. After conquering the Battleground, Warriors celebrate with turkey legs, beer steins, and live music at a post-race party in a league of its own.  Check out what our team had to say about the experience and see their pictures below.

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Prescriptive Music has teamed with Oak Grill & Aqua Lounge at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach

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10255014_826361427393304_8667571126894750825_nPrescriptive Music has teamed with the Island Hotel to curate the soundtrack for the hottest new restaurant and nightlife spot in Newport Beach. Oak Grill and Aqua Lounge are brand new to the Newport scene, both located within the Island Hotel. Oak and Aqua, side by side have already established themselves as THE place to be in Newport this summer. Read More

THE SIX Restaurant

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THE SIX Restaurant is a winning concept for Jake King and Will Karges as now their third location has launched. Prescriptive Music has most recently paired up with The Six in Calabasas. The American pub-restaurant has already become the place to be in the neighborhood in a very short time and Prescriptive is happy to be a part of creating the perfect music vibe for the concept that is The Six. The hottest new restaurant is both welcoming and hip, featuring six starters, six entrees, six red wines, six white wines, six brews on tap and six desserts. Read More

Hearing Your Image

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From the moment a customer walks through a retailer’s door, an opinion is formed about that store. One contributing factor is from the music played. Music contributes to the overall customer experience and can ultimately determine how long a customer will linger in a store. The longer the linger, the more likely a sale. Music is a highly effective business tool that can drive sales, but it’s crucial that a retailer sets the right vibe. Read More

Four Seasons Toronto –The Birthplace of a Celebrated Canadian Hotel Chain

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Anyone looking to ‘do Toronto in style’ need look no further than the Four Seasons Toronto Hotel.

Toronto is, in fact, the birthplace of the world-renowned, international 5 star hotel company.  With 89 locations worldwide, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is rated as one of the top luxury hotel brands in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine and Zagat Survey.


Situated in trendy Yorkville, the new Flagship property is replacing its predecessor just down the street, which was home to the Toronto International Film Festival. Read More


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Have you ever been sitting inside a pub and suddenly been unable to remember which pub you’re in?  You look around, the table and chairs would fit at any watering hole you’ve been too.  There might be some autographed pictures of long retired local sports figures.  The menu features wings, and some sweet potato fries for the more adventurous.  You’re drinking a generic beer that, without the label on the bottle, you’d be hard-pressed to name.  And worst of all, you’re listening to the same 20 songs that every bar is playing on repeat.  Your friend sends you a text message “I’m on my way – where are you?”  You have to ask your waitress before responding.

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The Keg – More than Just a Steak House

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steakAmbiance and creating a deep-seated sense of Canadian history have always been an integral part of The Keg.  Founded in 1971 under its original name, “The Keg and Cleaver”, the renowned Canadian steakhouse is known for converting beautiful, historic manors and heritage buildings into elegant restaurants, such as the Keg Mansion in Toronto, the Keg Manor in Maplelawn Estate in Ottawa, and a number of others throughout Canada. The Keg prides itself on adhering to its three key ingredients: Quality, Comfort and Value.  Read More