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The Importance Of Music For People (and Brands)

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The world has so many languages, but music is universal and can be understood by all. In a recent study, music has been shown to be an invaluable art form that people interact with on a daily basis – among musicians and non-musicians alike.

In fact, a survey about the arts’ impact on public spaces shows music to be ranked higher and more important than visual art, movies or sports. And when asked what people couldn’t live without in their daily lives, music was only beaten out by smartphones and the internet, but ranked higher than art, movies, literature and newspapers, which means it’s something people interact with almost every day.

Further, music is more than something we listen to in the background as we work out, are stuck in traffic or are at work – it invokes emotions within us and stirs up old memories. When our favorite song comes on, we feel positive emotions and our physiological response is for us to move with the beat. At times music allows us to find solace through difficult situations and can be used motivate. Each person has their own personal reason as to why music is important to them, but the unifying thing about music is that it’s something that is almost universally appreciated and enjoyed.

By exploring the ways in which music influences people you can frame an understanding of how the music in your business locations will help create a positive environment that speaks to your intended clientele.

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Social Identity Radio: How Your Brand’s In-Store Music Reinforces Your Customer’s Self-Image While Bolstering Brand Identity

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The other day I read an article titled “Why Your Customer’s Social Identities Matter.”  It inspired me to think about the ways in which music speaks to people and how it can effectively reinforce one’s social identity.

To recap; we all have an image of ourselves, an idea of who we are, and how we want the world to perceive us.  This self-concept is the result of our social identity, which is defined by our membership, as individuals, to different social groups.

This concept is broken down into two components.  Firstly, we think of ourselves as members of certain groups but not others and, at any given time, our actions and surroundings impact our thoughts and behaviors. When at a sporting event, for example, we will think of ourselves as members of a group who care about a certain sport or individual team and it is unlikely that we are identifying with a group of people at an art gallery or in a place of religious worship.

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