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What Does Your Brand Sound Like? Exploring The Sound Of Topgolf

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Topgolf is a sports entertainment facility headquartered in Dallas, Texas with locations throughout the United States and the UK and are touted as a premier entertainment and event venue with a fun point-scoring golf game, upscale resto-bar and great music.

To better understand what goes in the sound of Topgolf, I sat down with Zack McNair, the Prescriptive Music consultant who handles the the Topgolf account.  During our conversation we discuss the overall concept, the art of choosing the right songs, promotional content and how he goes about tackling the task of creating the music schedules that he does.

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What Does Your Brand Sound Like? Exploring The Sound Of The Cheesecake Factory

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The Cheesecake Factory has built its reputation by striving to take care of every guest, every day at every meal while delivering a unique guest experience. Part of that unique guest experience is the music selection that plays in the background while guests are dining.

To better understand what goes into the sound of The Cheesecake Factory, I sat down with Annie Hemming, the Prescriptive Music consultant who handles the The Cheesecake Factory account.  During our conversation we discuss her past work, her work with the brand, her creative process, the music selections and just how the brand’s lists are updated simultaneously to over 200 of The Cheesecake Factory locations worldwide.

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The Importance Of Music For People (and Brands)

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The world has so many languages, but music is universal and can be understood by all. In a recent study, music has been shown to be an invaluable art form that people interact with on a daily basis – among musicians and non-musicians alike.

In fact, a survey about the arts’ impact on public spaces shows music to be ranked higher and more important than visual art, movies or sports. And when asked what people couldn’t live without in their daily lives, music was only beaten out by smartphones and the internet, but ranked higher than art, movies, literature and newspapers, which means it’s something people interact with almost every day.

Further, music is more than something we listen to in the background as we work out, are stuck in traffic or are at work – it invokes emotions within us and stirs up old memories. When our favorite song comes on, we feel positive emotions and our physiological response is for us to move with the beat. At times music allows us to find solace through difficult situations and can be used motivate. Each person has their own personal reason as to why music is important to them, but the unifying thing about music is that it’s something that is almost universally appreciated and enjoyed.

By exploring the ways in which music influences people you can frame an understanding of how the music in your business locations will help create a positive environment that speaks to your intended clientele.


The National Restaurant Association Answers 11 Questions About Music Licensing For Restaurants

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The following information details everything a restaurant will need to know about playing music in their location and was first published on the National Restaurant Association’s official website;

Music is one of the most important elements in establishing the mood in your restaurant, but under law, you must make sure you have the necessary licensing to comply with copyright statutes before playing it. Performing rights organizations (“PROs”), such as BMI, ASCAP and SESAC, act as intermediaries between restaurants and songwriters to protect intellectual property and make licensing more cost-effective and convenient. Restaurants pay a fee to the PROs for a blanket license that grants permission to use all of the music each organization represents, and they, in turn, distribute the fees, less operating expenses, to their affiliated songwriters, publishers and composers as royalties.

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Come see us at the Global Gaming Expo 2014 – Booth 3614

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MUSICbox Show Special 

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MUSICbox is a music and messaging delivery system that allows you to augment the ambiance, appropriate for your brand, by using the media as an avenue to appeal to your patrons. It is no secret that people want to be tantalized through all their senses. One of the most important ways a service provider can appeal to their patrons is through their sense of sound. MUSICbox is undoubtedly the most versatile product on the market that will not only give you control over your business background music, but also flexibility in customizing the auditory ambiance, with a sound exclusive to your brand. Read More

Enjoy the music at Hyde Sunset

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In its continued partnership with nightlife giants SBE, Prescriptive Music has developed the musical vibe for one of SBE’s latest installments: Hyde Sunset. Located on the iconic Sunset strip, Hyde Sunset represents an evolution in cuisine and nightlife as West Hollywood’s latest hospitality experience. Read More

The Cardenas Superstore & Prescriptive Music team up to create new music vibe in all its locations

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The Cardenas Superstore has a stellar reputation for providing a large selection of new and used BMW’s and Mazda’s that boast style and quality. Their top notch team of professionals have earned the respect of McAllen, Brownsville, Houston, Edinburg, Harlingen and the rest of Texas by offering an impressive caliber of knowledge, service and reliability. Read More

Prescriptive Music has teamed with Oak Grill & Aqua Lounge at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach

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10255014_826361427393304_8667571126894750825_nPrescriptive Music has teamed with the Island Hotel to curate the soundtrack for the hottest new restaurant and nightlife spot in Newport Beach. Oak Grill and Aqua Lounge are brand new to the Newport scene, both located within the Island Hotel. Oak and Aqua, side by side have already established themselves as THE place to be in Newport this summer. Read More

THE SIX Restaurant

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THE SIX Restaurant is a winning concept for Jake King and Will Karges as now their third location has launched. Prescriptive Music has most recently paired up with The Six in Calabasas. The American pub-restaurant has already become the place to be in the neighborhood in a very short time and Prescriptive is happy to be a part of creating the perfect music vibe for the concept that is The Six. The hottest new restaurant is both welcoming and hip, featuring six starters, six entrees, six red wines, six white wines, six brews on tap and six desserts. Read More

Restaurants With Great Soundtracks in San Francisco by ZAGAT

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We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of having to shout over a blaring club track during an otherwise intimate dinner. Conversely, a too-mellow soundtrack can bring down the energy of a supposedly festive group meal. In short: when it comes to music choices in a restaurant, context is key. Skip the Muzak and check out these eateries where you can usually count on the tunes to pair well with the food and scene. And be sure to let us know your pet peeves about restaurant soundtracks in the comments.

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Hearing Your Image

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From the moment a customer walks through a retailer’s door, an opinion is formed about that store. One contributing factor is from the music played. Music contributes to the overall customer experience and can ultimately determine how long a customer will linger in a store. The longer the linger, the more likely a sale. Music is a highly effective business tool that can drive sales, but it’s crucial that a retailer sets the right vibe. Read More