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Label Spotlight: Jagjaguwar

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Jagjaguwar, a name taken from a Dungeons & Dragons character name-generating program,  is an independent rock label based in Bloomington, Indiana.  It was founded by Darius Van Arman when his friends’ band, The Curious Digit, had an album recorded without a label to release it.  They had previously released a 7″ record on the short-lived label Sentimental, which was co-run by Van Arman and a friend Dawson Prater.  The band decided that it was best to have any label attached to the project rather than none and JAG was launched.

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An Interesting Thought Experiment on How Spotify Can Play Nice With (And Potentially Save) The Record Business

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Spotify is hurting artists!!! No, No, Spotify is helping artists!!! There has been enough public debate on this that I don’t have to go into much detail about it.

What I can accurately say is the problem with Spotify is only partly Spotify’s fault, isn’t it?  The other part of the problem is us – the Gen-Y music listener who is, selfishly, expecting free music after spendingt their formative years in the golden age of Napster.   To address the issue and offer room(s) for improvement,  Startup Musician has put together a pretty convincing, three-step proposal that imagines the future of the streaming behemoth.

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Shoeless Joe’s Ultimate Bartender Challenge

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PCMusic was at Shoeless Joe’s last Wednesday, celebrating their Ultimate Bar Challenge, an annual competition that pitted some of the best Shoeless Joe’s booze handlers in Ontario against each other.  It was a friendly competition that focused on showmanship so, at any given time, the competition stage looked like a scene out of Cocktail.

There were a lot of great bar tricks performed and, though there wasn’t a taste test for the audience, we’re sure the cocktails were delicious. PCMusic congratulates all of this year’s contestants and we’re looking forward to next year’s competition!