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Restaurants With Great Soundtracks in San Francisco by ZAGAT

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We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of having to shout over a blaring club track during an otherwise intimate dinner. Conversely, a too-mellow soundtrack can bring down the energy of a supposedly festive group meal. In short: when it comes to music choices in a restaurant, context is key. Skip the Muzak and check out these eateries where you can usually count on the tunes to pair well with the food and scene. And be sure to let us know your pet peeves about restaurant soundtracks in the comments.

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Bakersfield Restaurant – Chicago’s Most Unique Dining Experience

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Diners from all over the globe are constantly on the watch for the next new, great restaurant that offers a great atmosphere, friendly service, and great food. Thankfully for the residents of the Chicago suburb of Westmont – they need look no further than their own backyard.
Committed to the “made from scratch” mantra, by teaming with its sister concept, Standard Market, a bastion of high quality produce, meats, seafood, and baked goods, provides the chefs at Bakersfield a premium of seasonal ingredients used in their open kitchen. Read More

Bier Markt – The Whole Experience!

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Some people prefer the finer things in life.  Some people just want a cold Bier.  For the people who want both, this corner recommends heading to the Bier Markt.

With four locations serving the GTA (King West, Esplanade, Don Mills and Queensway), the Bier Markt is the perfect destination for great biers, great food and great music.  The Bier Markt has combined sociability with sophistication on all three fronts.  With over 150 brands of Bier from over 30 different countries, and a “from scratch” approach to a unique Belgian Brasserie Menu, you can always find the perfect pairing.  And now, PCMusic has partnered with the Bier Markt to provide the Customized Music Programming  that completes the trifecta Read More

Spring Training

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The time has come to leave the winter weather in the rear view and take to the field!  It seems that somehow we have successfully made it through yet another winter and good on us for our collective perseverance. There are those out there who might say we’re better for having toughed out the cold weather in order to truly appreciate the rising sun, but I’m not going to split hairs over technicalities. Just turn on the BBQ and kick out the jams! Read More

Hearing Your Image

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From the moment a customer walks through a retailer’s door, an opinion is formed about that store. One contributing factor is from the music played. Music contributes to the overall customer experience and can ultimately determine how long a customer will linger in a store. The longer the linger, the more likely a sale. Music is a highly effective business tool that can drive sales, but it’s crucial that a retailer sets the right vibe. Read More