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Have you ever been sitting inside a pub and suddenly been unable to remember which pub you’re in?  You look around, the table and chairs would fit at any watering hole you’ve been too.  There might be some autographed pictures of long retired local sports figures.  The menu features wings, and some sweet potato fries for the more adventurous.  You’re drinking a generic beer that, without the label on the bottle, you’d be hard-pressed to name.  And worst of all, you’re listening to the same 20 songs that every bar is playing on repeat.  Your friend sends you a text message “I’m on my way – where are you?”  You have to ask your waitress before responding.

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The Keg – More than Just a Steak House

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steakAmbiance and creating a deep-seated sense of Canadian history have always been an integral part of The Keg.  Founded in 1971 under its original name, “The Keg and Cleaver”, the renowned Canadian steakhouse is known for converting beautiful, historic manors and heritage buildings into elegant restaurants, such as the Keg Mansion in Toronto, the Keg Manor in Maplelawn Estate in Ottawa, and a number of others throughout Canada. The Keg prides itself on adhering to its three key ingredients: Quality, Comfort and Value.  Read More