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The Luxe Invites You to their Exclusive Hotel on Rodeo Drive

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Book your next family outing, mini-vacation or business trip at the chic Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel in the heart of Beverly Hills.  Prescriptive Music provides the sophisticated and cosmopolitan sounds that you will hear at the only hotel on Rodeo Drive.  This upscale boutique hotel was recently renovated to provide guests with premium amenities, valet, concierge services and fine dining.  Read More

Unique music offerings help spas strike a chord with clients

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Dim lighting, a comfortable temperature, and aromatherapy all stimulate the senses and contribute to a client’s spa experience, but music is arguably one of the most important details, as it has the power to set the mood for the entire treatment. “Music plays an integral role in the guest’s sensory experience at a spa,” says Allen Klevens, CEO of Prescriptive Music. “Humans are universally drawn to music, because it offers a method of communication rooted in memories, emotions, and moods. Music also releases dopamine, a chemical in the brain that plays a key role in relaxation and happiness.” Read More

Feast your ears: Why your restaurant can benefit from music branding

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For many people, going to a restaurant is no longer just about food. Consumers expect an experience, which requires that restaurant owners put just as much thought into their establishment’s decor and vibe as they do into the menu. Music can be a huge help in creating the right ambiance, but putting together the perfect playlist can be a daunting, and time-consuming, task. Some savvy restaurant owners have chosen to turn to a crop of businesses that curate playlists perfectly tailored to a restaurant’s brand. Prescriptive Music, the nation’s fastest-growing music-sensory branding firm, creates soundtracks for restaurants as well as spas and retailers. I interviewed founder and Chief Operating Officer Allen Klevens about how music branding helps eateries appeal to customers and how his company serves up the perfect sound. Read More