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Kessler’s New Jazz & Lounge Music Collection

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Kessler turns to Prescriptive Music once again to add on to their already successful CD collection. The Kessler Collection, is a portfolio of boutique four and five-diamond quality properties located in Florida, Georgia, Colorado and New Mexico.  Known for luxurious, art-inspired atmosphere and decor, each hotel is uniquely designed and focuses on providing the highest level of service and attention to detail. Read More

Forget Muzak. Here’s what two hot chefs play for their restaurants’ patrons.

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USA Weekend  |  By Kelly Dinardo  |  Article Issue Date: December 20, 2009

Music may be the food of love, but do diners love to get a serving of Pink Floyd or the White Stripes with their main course? Well, forget just classical or jazz standards: More and more restaurant playlists include rock, country, hip-hop and other tunes that once were considered atypical. Read More